Simple Canvas Stationery Bag

Color: Bean Paste Powder

Product information:

Purpose: Environmental protection bag
Bottom side: other
Specifications: Cotton and linen style-cherry blossom powder, cotton and linen style-blue and purple, black and white between the palms, new style of cotton and linen-purple, cotton and linen style-mint green, gentle breeze, ink and green, fairy plaid, British style, stars and rain, Scottish plaid, golden golden-cotton and linen, FIELD-qingtian, FIELD-zimo, FIELD-moon white, FIELD-blue gray, FIELD-daisy, FIELD-morning, FIELD-pink, bean paste powder-corduroy, taro purple -Corduroy, Lemon Yellow-Corduroy, Grass Green-Corduroy (mm*mm)
Large storage space: can hold 50 pens, 2 scissors and correction tape
Pen design: pen can be placed, makeup brush is not easy to drop
Net bag design: the net bag can be placed with rubber, powder, urinary notes, etc.

Packing list:

Stationery bag x1

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