Custom Wax Seal Stamp

$34.95 $44.95

Create a personalized wax seal stamp with your own design, in the size and shape of your choice.
Make Your Personal Wax Seal Stamp with Your Logo, Image, Signature, Text, Name, Date and so on!

Our faithful pursuit of perfection combined with our fast, reliable shipping via Express Cargo makes for a truly rewarding experience from ordering through to unboxing.

We take pride in creating a lasting impression. Our aptitude for our craft is the result of a lifelong dedication to design and unparalleled attention to detail.

We are sincere, passionate individuals with a genuine desire to bring a touch of refined charm and contemporary elegance to your written correspondence.
The stamp comes with a high gloss acrylic handle or a natural wood handle and luxury box.
Choose your size 25mm l 1 inch , 30mm l 1,18 inch, or 35mm l 1,37 inch

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