Crystal acrylic handle transparent stamp board


Product Category: Seal
material: plastic
Shape: multiple choices
Color: A: 16×6×1cm/line (rectangular), B: 10×10×1cm/line (square), C: 7.5×7.5×1cm (square), D: 5×5×1cm (square) ), E: diameter 10cm×1cm (lace circle), F: diameter 7cm×1cm (lace circle), G: diameter 5cm×1cm (lace circle)

Product information Product name: Acrylic handle
Size: Multiple specifications are available
Process: Printing
Place of Origin: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Spot: Spot
Material: Acrylic
Scope of application: It can be used in combination with a transparent stamp and an inkpad handle, or it can be used as a clay pressure plate or as a dye card pad


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