Antique Gold Wax Seal Sticks

$10.95 $14.95
Wax seal sticks are VIBRANT and GLITTY. These color wax sticks will add a modern touch to your invitations!

- One box including 8 PIECE of sticks.

- These wax sticks are ideal for decorating envelopes, postcards, invitations, wine bottles or Xmas gift box wrapping. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, holidays or any celebration events.

- Wax sticks are easily used together with a low-temp large standard 0.44" glue gun. Not designed for mini glue guns! If you plan to seal dozens of envelopes, this is the most efficient method. To avoid the metal part getting too hot and stuck to the wax, you may put the stamp on an ice pack in between every 4-5 impressions. (Glue gun sold separately.)

- Wax stick measure is 1.1x13.5cm in diameter.
- One wax sealing stick can be made into 8-10 seals
- 16 colors of sealing wax choices available
- These wax sticks will fit in a Large Heavy-duty Glue Gun that fits 12mm glue gun sticks.
- Suitable for wedding and party invitations, gift wrapping, decorating envelopes, parcels, and any creative craft projects! Used for Anti-counterfeiting in customs, security, banking, insurance, judicial departments, wine package, tea package, and cosmetics package.

- This will depend on the size of your wax seal stamp and your design.
But in general, based on a 25mm wax seal stamp, it can take between 8-10 wax seals from 1 x stick.

1- Melt the wax with a glue gun
2- Drip the wax on your preferred surface (paper, glass, ceramics, etc)
3- Put the stamp on the wax
4- Wait for a few seconds
5- Lift it slowly and the seal is done!

- Every order sending as express cargo.
- You can check cargo price details

- Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each monitor.

*Glue gun not included.

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